“Film has the unique ability to convey the essence of a social challenge in ways that arouse people’s emotions, change their perspectives and motivate them to act”

Film Driven Social Change

Arts in Action is a public film screening enterprise presenting world changing documentaries that inspire and empower audiences to take action on global social issues. Arts in Action was founded in March 2011 by Angie Muccillo with a mission to showcase the visionary work of socially active filmmakers and to promote the voices of local artists, performers, art activists and organisations with a message for social change and justice.

Arts in Action presents social issue films that empower audiences with the information, perspectives and resources for creating a more just, sustainable, and democratic society. Films selected for screening are connected to grassroots movements that engage and inspire audiences to actively take part in making a difference in the world. Watch moving and thought provoking films, meet everyday changemakers, learn about local and global action campaigns and discuss films as a community in a public setting with other socially conscious minded people.

Arts in Action hosted a monthly “Social Action Film Night” at Bella Union Trades Hall (May 2012 – May 2014) and continues to present regular screenings throughout the year. Sign up to the mailing list for screening details.

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Partnership & Community Engagement

Through its screening and partnership program Arts in Action serves to support, help sustain and increase awareness of nonprofit, social action organizations, filmmaking and crowdfunding projects. Arts in Action invites collaboration with related partners on film screening events with the purpose of promoting their work and message to audiences and encouraging community engagement around the important issues raised in the films presented. Arts in Action can be independently engaged to co-ordinate fundraiser screening and other events on behalf of not for profits, social entrepreneurs and any arts based organisation with a social mission.

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Speakers, Guests, Performers & Artists

Each screening event may feature a combination of speakers and guests from social action organizations, filmmakers as well as other programmed segments showcasing the work of visual and performing artists with a social justice message. Participating guests and presenters will be featured in the official screening program.

Expressions of Interest

Arts in Action welcomes Expressions of Interest from groups and individuals keen to join the fun, be part of panel discussions and Q&As, perform, exhibit, and increase the overall social impact of the event. If you or your organisation is interested in collaborating on an Arts in Action screening event, please download, and complete the SPEAKER EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM and return a scanned copy by email to angie@artsinaction.com.au

For further information contact:

Angie Muccillo
Founder & Director
Email: angie@artsinaction.com.au
Mobile: 0417 391 055
Website: www.artsinaction.com.au
Facebook: Arts in Action Facebook Page
Twitter: @_artsinaction
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