Film Screening of Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Following it’s launch in May Arts in Action is back and proud to present a screening of  Pray the Devil Back to Hell  a deeply moving documentary which chronicles the remarkable story of the courageous Liberian women who came together to end a bloody civil war and bring peace to … Continue reading

Recycled Art @ the Screening of Manufactured Landscapes

A very special recycled art piece by Artist Sonia Grieve will be on display at the Donkey Wheel House on Thursday 12th May as part of the launch of Arts in Action and screening of Manufactured Landscapes. The documentary about world renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky encourages people to join a global conversation on sustainability and how we can minimise … Continue reading

Difference Makers Segment

An added feature of the Manufactured Landscapes screening on May 12th at the Donkey Wheel House is the inclusion of a “Difference Makers Segment” which screens a series of short clips and documentaries that shine a spotlight on local people, artists, projects and businesses that use sustainable principles and practices.  These are the people … Continue reading

Part 2: Interview with Richard Piscioneri of the 1 camera 1000 smiles project

Photo by Richard Piscioneri COLLABORATOR PROFILE: 1 Camera 1000 smiles Event: Film Screening Manufactured Landscapes Click here for part 1 of the interview Angie: So what’s happening in the next phase of the project? Richard: Now that we’ve collated some camera equipment the next phase is to assign the cameras … Continue reading

Curated Short Doco Series # 1- Airsick by Lucas Oleniuk

Curated Short Doco Series In this section I present short documentaties created by photojournalists, art and peace activists whose  projects have been created to address a global issue. To recieve updates of curated short docos, enter your email in the box at the top left hand side of the screen. My … Continue reading

STREAT Coffee @ the Screening of Manufactured Landscapes

I have chosen to purchase certified fair trade and organic STREAT Coffee, which is locally roasted at the gorgeous Abbotsford Convent Bakery  for the Arts in Action launch on the 12th May at Donkey Wheel House. A Community Cup STREAT is a Social Enterprise located at the Donkey Wheel House which provides social support and … Continue reading