FEATURED Crowdfunding Project – A Guerra Da Beatriz

Last year Arts in Action held two fundraiser screenings to help raise revenue for the making of East Timor’s first locally produced feature film – “A Guerra Da Beatriz” a co-production between FairTrade Films, Dili Film Works and John Maynard. “A Guerra da Beatriz” is a love story inspired by a true 16th century French story about Bertrande de Rols and her husband Martin Guerre. In this adaptation the story has been transposed to East Timor on the eve of the Indonesian invasion of the Portuguese colony.

The first stage of filming for “A Guerra da Beatriz” was completed in mid-December 2011. The crew spent four weeks shooting in Ulmera, a coastal village outside Dili, and in the mountain sub-district of Maubisse.

“A Guerra da Beatriz is the first movie authored by East Timorese  artists, an emotional undertaking in a country still haunted by the memories of  the Indonesian occupation. East Timor hit the big screen in the 2009 movie Balibo, about the execution of five Australian journalists in 1975, but  that was essentially an Australian production. By contrast, this film is  conceived, performed and directed by young Timorese, with support from volunteer  Melbourne filmmakers. Local theatre performer Irim Tolentino has written the script in the Timorese  language, Tetum, and fellow stage actress Bety Reis is the director. Both are  being mentored by Melbourne director Luigi Acquisto and his wife, film producer  Stella Zammataro.” Age Reporter Natalie Craig. Read her Age article “On Love and War”

Fundraising for Stage 2

FairTrade Films and Dili Film Works are now raising funds for the second stage of filming that will start at the end of May 2012. They would appreciate your help! If you share an interst in East Timor and it’s history you’ll understand why the making of this film is important to the East Timorese. If you would like to support the next stage of production for A Guerra da Beatriz, please visit the Fundraising Page on the FairTrade Films website

Funding TARGET:  $25,000 “After 300 years of foreign  colonisation and occupation we are free to tell our story. Help us make  history”

How to Contribute to the Film

There are three ways to contribute to the film

  • Become a Fan Club Member
  • Sponsor or
  • Invest in the Film

1. Fan Club

FairTrade Films hosts a fan club for the film A Guerra da Beatriz.  By joining the fan club you can support the production of the film and receive some great rewards.

Membership is $60.00 AUD and entitles you to:

  • A DVD copy of the completed film
  • The bi-monthly FairTrade Films newsletter about the film A Guerra Da Beatriz and other productions delivered direct to your inbox.
  • Your name on the website credit list as a supporter of the film, A Guerra Da Beatriz
  • Your name in the film’s credits as a supporter of the film

Membership is valid until the end of 2012, the period during which the film will be filmed, edited and distributed.

Take out an additional gift membership for a family member or friend.  Remember each member receives a DVD of the completed film as well as a newsletter and their name in lights in the credits.

To join the A Guerra Da Beatriz Fan Club download and complete the application form here.

You can also join the Fan Club or make a donation towards the film with Pay Pal.

Alternatively,  contact Stella for more information on stella@abrafilms.com

2. Sponsorship $200+

By sponsoring this film you will contribute to the birth of a film industry in East Timor. Sponsorship will ensure that a greater proportion of the film’s profits return to East Timor, as fewer investors will be required. You will receive the same perks as above plus two extra DVD copies of the final film.

3. Investment $5000 minimum

By investing in this film you will contribute to the birth of a film industry in East Timor. Contact Stella to discuss how to invest in the film and receive a copy of the investment guidelines and agreement. stella@abrafilms.com

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