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As part of the 2014 Transitions Film Festival Arts in Action proudly co presents the Australian Premiere of Musicwood a multi award winning documentary by Maxine Trump and Josh Granger about the quest to save the acoustic guitar.

The film will be followed by a discussion on music and the environment with musicians and activists including, Michael Pulseford (RMIT/, Matt Wicking (The General Assembly/ Green Music Australia), Ben Solity (Greenpeace) and international guest Max DeArmon, who is in Melbourne for the international premiere of his film Future of Energy – Lateral Power to the People.  Click here for speaker biographies.

111MusicwoodThe world’s most famous guitar-makers are on a desperate mission: to stop Native American loggers from devastating a primeval forest, threatening their own culture and the future of the acoustic guitar.

For hundreds of years acoustic guitars have been made the same way, from the same type of tree. Today, because of extreme logging, in this primeval forest and around the world, the acoustic guitar as we know it is under threat.

“Merging the sustainability worries of guitar enthusiasts and environmentalists with the hard-cash concerns of logging corporations and Native American land developers, Maxine Trump’s thoughtful documentary wrests clarity from complexity.” New York Times

musiciansFeaturing The Antlers, Steve Earle, Kaki King, Lambchop, Turin Brakes, and Yo La Tengo, Musicwood is an adventure-filled journey, a political thriller with music at its heart.

The film follows Bob Taylor of Taylor guitars, Chris Martin of Martin Guitars and Dave Berryman of Gibson Guitars as they travel together into the heart of one of the most primeval rainforests on the planet. There to experience the controversial practices first hand, the guitar company owners unite with Greenpeace to convince the Native American landowners to find a more sustainable approach and agreeable solution.

Musicwood-2The film documents the guitar-makers’ struggle and effort to build a relationship with the Native Americans that acknowledges the injustices of their past but fights to preserve the forest for our future.

Musicwood delivers a compelling portrait of the complicated issues involved and culminates in the creation of ‘Coalition of Musicwood’ where the groups work together towards a common goal of preserving the forest.

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