SHORT FILM NIGHT- Soul Biographies by Nic Askew & Just Be Frank by Elise Bialylew

The October Social Action Film Night @ Bella Union presents an exciting program of short films featuring Soul Biographies LIGHTER or DARKER – a soul shaking black and white film series by US filmmaker, storyteller and musician Nic Askew and JUST BE FRANK, a short documentary about a blind Jazz musician by Melbourne based filmmaker and creator of Mindful in May Elise Bialylew. JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT

LIGHTER OR DARKER – Soul Biographies

by Nic Askew (90 minutes)

Presenting a handful of tiny, decontextualized fragments of personal storytelling, Lighter or Darker is a beautiful series of short films that reminds us of our own role in shaping the emotional narrative of life. It is part of Nic Askew’s series, Soul Biographies: Human Portraits in Short Film.

How do we embrace our world, our experiences, our friends, family, ourselves? Every moment we have a choice – Lighter or Darker, open or closed, expanded or contracted.

Each encounter holds the capacity to render us lighter.
Or to colour the experience of our world darker.

Each encounter holds the capacity to engage our sense of wonder.
Or to help us hide from noticing the experience of being human.

Each encounter holds the capacity to tell its story without expectation.
Or to force on the world an opinion of how it must be.

Each encounter holds the capacity for us to recognise our sameness.
Or to escape into the experience of separateness.

And with each encounter comes a decision.
To make our world lighter.

Or darker.

Watch the Trailer

LIGHTER OR DARKER from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

Nic Askew – Filmmaker/Musician/Storyteller

Nic makes films. Short, black & white human portraits. Extremely close up. Extremely revealing of our human experience. Films that show people metaphorically naked as they are. They’ve been said to shake the soul. All his work is characterized by a depth of observation.   “From the Olympian to the mime, and the entrepreneur to the rockstar, Nic Askew has documented metaphorically naked people from all walks of life.  Nic’s “human portraits” expose life’s realities through the stories of men and women around the world. Whether the interviewee is discussing an experience of joy or grief, accomplishment or humility – or the dozens of other human conditions we experience – Askew’s up close and personal approach to filmmaking allows the viewer to relate with the storyteller in an authentic, endearing way.” Kyrsten Skulborstad Twitter: @nicaskew Facebook: Nic Askew Films

Just Be Frank

by Elise Bialylew (15 minutes)

Just Be Frank is an inspiring portrait of Frank Senior, an African-American blind jazz singer who transcends his personal limitations in pursuit of his dreams. Frank Senior is adjusting from walking with a cane to training his new guide dog, Kew. As Frank navigates the streets of Manhattan, we see the trust, courage and humour necessary for a blind person to navigate the streets and pace of New York City. “Each block is a challenge, but you can either stay home or take the challenge”. Frank’s humour and optimism reveal that it is one’s attitude that makes the difference between disability and opportunity. Screened at Palm Springs international film festival, Harlem International film festival and other festivals throughout the USA, The Other film festival in Melbourne

Elise Bialylew – Director/Creator Mindful in May

Elise Bialylew been working as a doctor for the past ten years and more recently is training in the field of Psychiatry. She has had a lifelong curiosity in exploring the human condition from a medical and artistic perspective. This has taken her across the globe from the streets of Havana to the shanty towns of West Africa and into the post-tsunami displacement camps of Sri Lanka, pursuing human stories with her camera.

Elise is the creator of Mindful in May an exciting campaign combining the benefits of mindfulness meditation with an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to a significant global cause. For the month of May, meditators both beginners and those more experienced sign up and commit to 10 minutes of meditation a day, for 31 days. The program brings the benefits of meditation whilst improving the lives of others.  100% of funds raised goes towards building clean water wells  in the developing world.

Facebook: Twitter: @mindfulinmay @meditatecreate

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