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On May 28th Arts in Action is proud to help launch The Ubuntu Project; a project about people, stories and human connections. The Ubuntu Project is inspired by an African Philosophy; Ubuntu, which means “I am who I am because of who we all are”. BOOK TICKETS ONLINE>>

ubuntuRather than viewing each other through the lens of a stereotype, The Ubuntu Project aims to highlight that when we take the time to learn about each other on a human level, we come to realize that, while we are all so different and unique, we all have shared human experiences, hopes, needs and beliefs, that connect us. Through shared story we can learn, appreciate, connect and care more about the people living in our global community.

The Ubuntu team will be embarking on a round the world journey during 2013 and 2014 interviewing people and creating a documentary highlighting the essence of the Ubuntu philosophy.

The Ubuntu Project will launch its Melbourne-based pilot and offer a night of stories and discussions to kick start Ubuntu. Come along and be part of the launch of this exiting global project! The night will include:

  • First public screening of the pilot!
  • Short videos of inspiration
  • Panel discussion with interviewees from the pilot, sharing their experiences of being involved in the project
  • Q and A with The Ubuntu Project team/filmmakers- What’s this all about? What was the inspiration?
  • Opportunity for the audience to get involved in the web of Ubuntu connections.
  • Take part in the Postcard Campaign

Film Synopsis

The Ubuntu Project is based on the South African philosophy of Ubuntu- “I am who I am because of who we all are.” Desmond Tutu describes Ubuntu as the essence of being human. He speaks of the importance of realizing that we cannot exist in isolation of other human beings and that what we do effects the world around us.

MLK quoteThe Ubuntu Project aims to apply this philosophy and connect the global community by allowing people from opposite ends of the globe to find a personal connection with someone they may not usually have the opportunity to.

The project will produce a documentary based on stories from people around the world; from remote villages in Kenya, school kids of Cambodia, 5th Avenue shoppers in New York, and indigenous elders in rural Australia. The project will capture the uniqueness of its interviewees by gaining a context for that person and the life that they’ve lived.

Watch the teaser

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May I ask you a question?

The interviewees will also be asked a series of ten questions relating to shared human experiences, including, what inspires you? What is your idea of love? When do you feel free? What are you grateful for? What is a challenge you’ve faced?

In answering these ten questions, it is expected that common themes will emerge, thus affirming the Ubuntu concept.

The World Tour

The Ubuntu team plan to link in with different grassroots non-government organizations in the countries they travel to and volunteer within these organizations. This will provide them with a more authentic experience of the community and its people. This will also allow the project to feel like it is giving back or contributing in some way to the communities involved, therefore staying true to the Ubuntu philosophy. The filmmakers plan to begin filming in Australia, including Indigenous communities, before heading off on the international leg; to , Middle East, UK, Europe, Africa, South America and North America.

The Filmmakers

Anna tomAnna Mortensen and Tom Davies began collaborating on the Ubuntu Project in March 2012. Anna was inspired to create the project after spending three months volunteering in rural Kenya. The ease with which she was able to create a personal bond with the locals; people with very different backgrounds and experiences to her, highlighted the power of human connection. Her experience in Kenya and learning about the Ubuntu philosophy, opened Anna’s eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world and the people in it. She wanted others to share in that experience. This inspired the Ubuntu Project.

Tom moved to Melbourne from London in 2011 to further his career as an Audio Engineer working in the live music industry. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Tom and Anna connected through their passion for travel and their shared interest in capturing stories and sound from around the world. Together, they have been working towards turning this little idea into a global project. Come join them on the Ubuntu journey!





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